How to Fit Underbody Neon Lights on a Honda Civic SI for Aesthetic Appeal?

April 15, 2024

The night casts a long, dark shadow on the city streets, providing you the perfect canvas to paint your vision of a glowing, radiant beast of an automobile. You then cast a glance towards your Honda Civic SI and see a machine that’s ready to turn heads and capture admiring gazes. What you need is a vibrant, vivid transformation that grabs attention even in the dead of the night. Underbody neon lights can help you make this grand statement with your car. Let’s explore how you can fit neon lights to your Honda Civic SI and make it the undisputed star of the night.

Choosing the Right Neon Lights

Before you embark on this adventurous endeavour, it’s essential to make an informed choice about the type of neon lights you want. The market is filled with numerous options that vary based on color, brightness, pattern, and control mechanism. You should opt for lights that are shock-resistant, waterproof, and come with a robust control system. RGB lights are currently the rave, offering you a myriad of color options to choose from. Some kits even allow you to control the lights using smartphone apps, making it a breeze to switch between different settings.

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Preparing Your Honda Civic SI

Your Honda Civic SI is a finely tuned piece of machinery and you need to take utmost care while installing the neon lights. Begin by giving your car a good clean, focusing particularly on the underbody. Grimy dirt or oil could interfere with the adhesion of the lights. Post-cleaning, inspect the underbody for any damage or rust. It is crucial to ensure that the underbody is in perfect condition before starting with the installation process.

The Installation Process

The neon light kit usually comes with all the necessary components and a detailed instruction manual. However, the installation process can be broadly broken down into the following steps.

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Mounting the Lights

After turning off your car and ensuring that it is securely parked, locate the perfect spots to mount the lights. The optimum locations would be along the sides of the car, near the front and rear bumpers. The neon tubes should be mounted using the brackets and screws provided in the kit. Ensure that the lights are securely attached and the wiring is kept away from any moving parts or heat sources.

Wiring the Lights

The next step involves wiring up the lights to the car’s electrical system. This is usually done by connecting the wires to the car’s battery or through the fuse box. The kit should come with detailed instructions on how to wire up the lights. However, if you are not comfortable dealing with the car’s electrical system, it would be best to seek professional help.

Testing the Lights

Once everything is wired up, it’s time to test the lights. Turn on the car and switch on the lights to see if everything is working as expected. If there are any issues, recheck the wiring and the connections, ensuring everything is tight and secure.

Maintaining Your Neon Lights

After successfully installing your underbody neon lights, it’s essential to maintain them properly to ensure their longevity. Regularly cleaning the lights and periodically checking for any loose wires or connections should be part of your maintenance routine. Also, always ensure that the lights are functioning correctly and replace any faulty tubes or bulbs immediately to prevent any potential safety risks.

Your Honda Civic SI, now adorned with radiant neon lights, is sure to be the belle of the ball, illuminating the city streets with its spectacular glow. This project is not just about enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your car, but also about showcasing your unique style and personality. So go ahead, let your Honda Civic SI shine bright, and make a statement that’s impossible to ignore. Just remember, while neon lights can add a dash of excitement and personality to your car, always adhere to local laws and regulations when it comes to car modifications. Safe driving!

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Even after taking the utmost care while installing and maintaining your underbody neon lights, you may occasionally face some common issues. Most of these issues can be resolved with simple troubleshooting steps.

One common issue you might face is flickering lights. This is often due to a loose connection. Check all the connections, starting from the light tubes to the control box and the battery. Ensure that all the connections are firm and secure.

Another common problem could be lights not turning on at all. This could be due to a blown fuse, a faulty control box or even dead bulbs. First, check the fuse box, if the fuse related to the lights is blown, replace it. If the issue persists, check the control box. A faulty control box might not be able to send the necessary power to the light tubes. If everything else is working fine, the problem could be with the light tubes themselves. In such cases, you will need to replace the tubes.

If you notice that one or more colors are not working in your RGB light tubes, it could be a problem with the respective color LEDs. You will need to replace the faulty tube to resolve this.

Remember, always disconnect the power supply before trying to troubleshoot any issues to avoid any electrical shocks or accidents. If you are not comfortable handling these issues yourself, consider seeking professional help.


Incorporating underbody neon lights on your Honda Civic SI is not just about enhancing its aesthetic appeal, but it’s also a statement of your unique style and personality. With the right choice of lights, careful installation, regular maintenance, and effective troubleshooting, you can keep your car glowing vibrantly, turning heads wherever you go.

However, it’s crucial to adhere to local laws and regulations related to car modifications. While underbody lights can certainly make your car shine bright, safety should always be your topmost priority. So, ensure you’re up to date with the local laws and always prioritize safe driving.

The process of fitting neon lights to your Honda Civic SI might seem daunting at first, but with a little patience and effort, you can transform your car into a stunning, radiant beast of the night. So go ahead, let your Honda Civic SI shine bright, making a statement that’s impossible to ignore.